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What I Do

I am a womanist rhetorician; ordained preacher; and military veteran. I have worked with thousands within diverse communities, and apply these experiences in various podiums, pulpits, and platforms. Altogether, my overarching goal is to highlight the ways, work, worth, and wisdom of Black women in all aspects of my life.


-Womanist Rhetorical Theory

-Political Communication

-African American and Women's Literature

-Media and Cultural Studies

-Digital Humanities/Digital Rhetoric

-Religious Communication


-We serve a God who was and always will be.
-We serve a God who speaks to our troubles.
-We serve a God invested in our liberation.
-We serve a God who heals our pain.
-We serve a God that is RISEN!

-I serve because I love my family.

-I serve because I want to better my community.

-I serve because I feel a higher calling to my country.

-I serve as a chaplain because I want to stand in the gap for others.

reaching down into my griot bag
of womanish wisdom and wily
social commentary, i come up with bricks,
with which to either reconstruct
the past or deconstruct a head. dolor
robs me of art’s coin
as i push, for peanuts, to level walls and
rebuild the ruins of my poetic promise. from
the infinite alphabet of afroblues
intertwinings, i cull apocalyptic visions
(the details and lovers entirely real)
and articulate my voyage beyond that
point where self disappears
mis violentas flores negras
these are my slave song
American Sonnet #61 by Wanda Coleman