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4 #bossup Phrases to
Believe in Yourself Again

Who convinced you it wasn’t possible? Who told you the dream would never come to pass? Who held you back from living into your purpose?

UNLEASHED is not simply a message or a moment in time…it is a movement, a mindset, and a mantra for living into the promises and purpose God placed for your voice and your vision.

In this e-book, you will move through 4 Phases of what I call #bossup behavior in order to be UNLEASHED. Stop doubting and press into the possibilities and potential you hold right now!

Finding Your Purpose
In a Pandemic

2020 is not the year we thought it would be, but that does NOT mean God has stopped moving!

Instead of being stuck in the worldly panic of the pandemic, I challenge you to be UNLEASHED in your purpose!

In this e-book, we will walk together highlighting three considerations: flexibility, frugality, and friendship. May your purpose be UNLEASHED in the midst of chaos!

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